Equity Meets Design: An Interview with Christine Ortiz

Christine Ortiz Equity Meets Design

Christine Ortiz is the creative serial entrepreneur behind Equity Meets Design, a think-and-do tank that approaches design thinking with a focus on equity and anti-racism. She got her start by co-founding a consulting agency at the age of 17 that focused on participatory design. In college, she realized she couldn’t find relevant literature surrounding equitable design thinking, so decided to create it herself. The framework that emerged, EquityxDesign, was co-authored by Caroline Hill and Michelle Molitor, with all three women using this framework to develop their own organizations.


Now, Christine’s working with clients on how to shift their design framework towards true innovation and equity. She’s expanding the business into courses, workshops, and an apprenticeship that will grow others who want to work within equitable design processes, no matter the type of design work they do. 


Have you always known you wanted to be an entrepreneur? 


So I s...

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