Simmone Taitt: The Birth of Poppy Seed Health, a Maternal Care and Advocacy App

Simmone Taitt

Simmone Taitt’s experience with pregnancy loss in 2016 was paired with callus and dismissive treatment that many BIPOC birthing people experience. Though the term didn’t exist at the time, she turned to what many Black women in America call self-advocacy. Turning grief into empowerment by committing to a doula practice for herself, Taitt founded Poppy Seed Health, a tech-based support system for people navigating the life cycle of birth experiences. Since first debuting on the App Store in April 2021, Poppy Seed Health has held over 50,000 hours of chats nationwide supporting people during pregnancy (pre and postpartum), miscarriage, and pregnancy loss. To meet demand since launching less than a year ago, Poppy Seed has grown its advocate network by 400 percent.

NA: What made you launch Poppy Seed Health?
Simmone Taitt: Let me take you back to 2016. I had my first of what would become multiple pregnancy losses on what is still a very complicated journey to parenthood. I was seeing ...

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