Common LGBTQIA+ Stereotypes on TV

gay stereotypes on tv

For all the acclaimed representation of LGBTQIA+ lives and experiences on shows such as Pose, Special, and Sex Education, stereotypical depictions of the LGBTQIA+ community continue to appear on TV. Representation in media has been shown to change real-life attitudes towards queer people; stereotypes are more than just lazy writing, they can be an active disservice to the communities they supposedly portray. Here are the most common LGBTQIA+ stereotypes in the media.

The Promiscuous Bisexual or Pansexual 

The idea that being attracted to more than one gender leads to excessive sexual promiscuity is a stereotype Hollywood has had a difficult time letting go of. Bisexual characters have been depicted as driven by lust like Oberyn Materll on Game of Thrones, and continuously dismissed while regarded as sexual objects as Brittany Pierce on Glee showed. 

Max Wolfe, a pansexual main character on HBO Max’s recent Gossip Girl reboot, was sexualized to the point where it was often the ...

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