Finding a Champion Can Change Your Career for the Better

The competition for leadership positions and promotions can be maddening. It’s rarely enough to do a good, or even excellent, job and be promoted based on talent or work ethic alone. Instead, ambitious employees seek out mentors to give them career advice and champions to open doors for them. 

The idea of a mentor is common in business, but champions are rarely heard of. Mentors can provide advice and point their mentees to skill building opportunities, but they aren’t invested in the mentee’s success. Champions, however, will go out of their way to introduce you to people and suggest positions that can further help your career. While a mentee can and should have several mentors throughout their professional years, champions are much rarer and involve a more focused give and take relationship. They pick those they wish to work with from the best and brightest of employees. Those same employees can actively "audition" for a champion in the hopes their interests and values will align....

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