Identifying Bias in Feedback

identifying bias in the workplace

We all have biases that color our perception of the world. There are dozens of kinds of biases that can negatively impact your hiring practices, feedback, and creative work. In our Identifying Bias series, we will be looking at the common types of bias that can take place in each of these areas, and share strategies for how to best minimize them.

Giving your employees useful feedback is critical. But you can’t give your employees useful notes if your review is anchored in bias. One study showed that “more than half of the variance associated with ratings had more to do with the quirks of the person giving the rating than the person being rated.” This allows for the potential of idiosyncratic rater bias, or when a rater will rank skills they’re not good at highly, while ranking skills they are great at lower. This results in a review that says more about the rater than the employee. Other forms of bias include:

Recency bias happens when a reviewer places more importance on...

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