LGBTQIA+ People Deserve to Feel Safe at Work

lgbtq employees should feel safe at work

53% of LGBTQIA people are closeted at work. When polled on why, the overwhelming response was due to the workplace becoming uncomfortable, or even hostile, when they’d outed themselves in workplaces previously or saw another person in the company mistreated after coming out. 1 in 5 LGBTQIA+ employees have quit or transferred positions in an effort to find psychological safety and inclusivity at new workplaces.
Many of the problematic attitudes and behaviors of the non-LGBTQIA+ employees can be traced back to negative stereotypes associated with being gay. Stereotypes about LGBTQIA+ people create anxiety for many in the community, leading them to chronically feel unwelcome in the workplace. Some individuals even feel as if their personal identity is eroding, which negatively impacts their physical and mental health, and overall well-being; double standards about the appropriateness of discussing domestic relationships in the office to active fear of the "deviant homosexuals" are not he...

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