When AAVE Becomes an Agent of Consumer Marketing


When AAVE Becomes an Agent of Consumer Marketing: The Pitfalls of Cultural Appropriation In Marketing

Paper advertisements and word of mouth were once premier forms of marketing, but in the age of social media, a dance challenge on TikTok or a hashtag on Twitter can serve as powerful marketing tools.


Marketing, as a method where companies promote their products to prospective customers, is consumer-oriented by nature. This means that the current trends and demands of the consumer will be considered, and often used, in the promotion of a particular product. Thanks to the swiftness of the digital age, anything that has gone viral will likely be co-opted or mirrored in an effort to promote products in a way that is relatable. Companies like Wendy’s have even gone as far as creating social media accounts that allow them to directly interact with consumers. Through witty banter and a distinct online presence, these brands gain a steady footing with one of the market’...

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