Dear Maria: Young Exec

young executive

I'm the youngest executive at my company with peers 20 years my senior.
Dear Maria, I graduated college with an amazing job offer from my internship. I worked really hard and proved myself to my supervisors. Within the 1st year my performance was unmatched and I was gratefully offered a promotion to an executive role. Prior to myself most executives at the company have worked here 10+ years or have 20+ years experience in the industry. 
I am in my mid 20’s while all of my peers are 40+. There is only one other executive who I relate to and treats me like a peer, and she is still 10 years older than me. She is the one who confirmed for me that my feelings were accurate and that in fact the rest of the executives feel I don't belong in the position because I am so “young.” I am constantly having my ideas brushed off, or the older colleagues team up against me often because they think I don’t know what I’m talking about because I just started. I have actually heard some of them say that...

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