The Psychology Of Cisgender Audacity: On Black Men’s Desire To Caricaturize & Become Female

By Jamie Lee
Andrea Long Chu stated in her prolific experimental monograph “Females: A Concern” that “everyone is female — and everyone hates it.” I remember when I first read this, I was astonished that someone, especially a transgender woman, could make such a declarative statement about sex. I was curious and caught in an intellectual chokehold, because it spoke to some of the questions I had been asking myself for a long time regarding the history of this cultural phenomenon of cisgender man’s obsession with playing up [Black] women caricatures. I had been thinking long and hard about this, because I just knew there had to be some relationship between this performative enactment and the ways Black trans women are often told that we are “myths, don’t exist, or are downright men playing up in drag.” 
The history of cisgender manhood is both a violent and fragile one to exist at the cruxes of life. Within it, participants must deny themselves any capacious form of desiring wh...

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