Visibility Versus Being Seen: In Conversation with Dr. Nathan Alexander Moore

Since I was a little girl I knew that I would be on TV. I knew that I would be a star. I just knew it. And I believed it, too. I believed, so greatly, in my talents and creative spirit. That I could sing the people happy in church on Sunday, sing the classical music in the chorus at school, sing the songs on the radio and dance to them (and everythang), and that I could dream up in my mind some of the most fantastic stories and imaginations. Isn’t that something? 

Today, I still carry that colorful childlike imagination and belief. And now that I’ve been on TV, I have learned the many ways it eats at the child like a monster crawled from underneath. It takes away more than it actually gives, and that ain’t no kind of life. Here I am, visible, in the homes of America’s television. Here I am, for a second, living the dream? Here I am, also, disconsolate. Here I am, like the scripture says, “not at ease, nor am I quiet. And I am not at rest, but turmoil comes.”

This brings to mind ‘...

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