In Conversation with Pose and T4Short Producer Jonovia Chase

Jonovia Chase likes being in the front seat. 
Best known for FX’s hit Pose, Chase’s work on the Emmy Award-winning drama is a culmination of over a decade of activity in New York City’s ballroom scene. Chase credits Pose with showing the world the “powerhouse” creativity of Black transgender women, but more importantly, it indicated what resources are in reach for trans creatives, including herself. What began as a Producer’s Assistant stint quickly evolved when Chase’s close ties to the cast and other crew members on set were made clear.
Conversations with Executive Producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson led to her role as a Ballroom Coordinator, where Chase was more involved in creating and coordinating Pose’s signature ball scenes. “My ability to act as a support system and connection to the community was built upon. Executive Producers got to see firsthand my interactions with the cast on set,” adds Chase, “I had the perfect segue to position this role. I was able to dis...

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