“Sort Of” And On-Screen Non Binary Depictions Through A Tender and Careful Gaze

I will never forget the people who first acknowledged me when I felt uncomfortable with stating my transness. Their simple act of asking me how I choose to identify, regardless of what I was wearing, my social conditioning, and how I was being perceived at that moment, laid the foundation for my freedom from societal gender norms. It is this generosity of care, respect, and relationship I found mirrored in 7even (a longtime friend) and Bessy (whose kids Sabi nannies) from the HBO series Sort Of. They believed Sabi deserved to bloom and take up space. I believe so, too. 
When watching this show, I resonated a lot with many of the moments Sabi experienced, including shrinking themself and their needs in order to make others feel comfortable despite them being the ones overstepping boundaries. Sabi's willingness to be available was something that always stuck out to me while watching—their capaciousness. Even when people took advantage of Sabi’s pure generosity, they alway...

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