“Toot, Boot, Shoot”: Critiquing Trans and Non-Binary Characters in Entertainment

You know a show is a good show when there’s the show, a show within the show, an after-show, a show critiquing the show, and a number of spin-offs that diversify, classify, and fortify its franchise status. This is what RuPaul’s Drag Race reveals to me. I’ve watched it since 2009 and it’s been a joy to witness its evolution and imprint on television history. It’s undoubtedly great television and one of those shows that will have a long shelf life. I know this for myself. 
I want to use a reference here, “Toot, Boot, Shoot” (à la FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW) as a fun model of critique to discuss shows and movies with trans and non-binary characters from the past two years. I know you’re probably wondering what it all means if you don’t watch the show, but it’s really simple as this: a toot is a like, a boot is a dislike, and a shoot is a super like. 
GLAAD’s 2021-2022 “Where We Are on TV” report shows an increase in transgender characters on broadcast television and streaming services...

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