What Is A Woman?

By Shaadi D
This question has become the refrain for those who label themselves “gender critics” as the moniker for a movement that is dedicated to proving that the way transgender people experience their own bodies is false. They say that because the way trans people experience our bodies and our relationship to gender are “false,” that society would be “insane” to acknowledge and support our experiences. 
The problem here, in my opinion, is that while gender, sex and sexuality are far from being static biological truths—they are both deeply personal experiences as well as collectively social ones—they can be supported or denied by institutions according to what those with power deem “legitimate.” Legitimate here means “what will reproduce and uphold deeply entrenched norms of power, rather than challenge them.”
For example, real women, “those worthy of protecting,” have often been defined as those who are white and able-bodied. Read: Those white women who can reproduce power...

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