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In their own words: Three Black small business owners share how the pandemic transformed their companies

According to the Census, there were less than 125,000 Black owned businesses in the U.S.…

black-owned children's focused brands
10 Black owned children’s-focused brands to buy from this holiday season

Buy Black is more than a shopping list, it’s a movement. Since Maggie Anderson’s 2009…

Melissa Adeyemo
Melissa Adeyemo: Nollywood and Black Hollywood share a go-getter spirit

NJ-born filmmaker Melissa Adeyemo is part of a growing cadre of Black female film and television producers that are telling nuanced stories about Black life around the world. Both Nigeria and the U.S. have created their own Black-led film industries that cater to Black audiences in a way that is not seen elsewhere in the world.

Personal Insights: Who is M. Tony Peralta? And the Demand for Afro-Latinx Representation in the Visual Arts

M. Tony Peralta has created a lifestyle brand around Latinx pop art and quotidian urban culture. His visibility has grown with greater acceptance of Afro-Latinx representation in mainstream imagery. Born in Washington Heights/Inwood, Peralta launched the Peralta Project, a mixed-media series of art and design works that includes apparel, posters, and homeware.

what black moms want
Three Things Black Moms Want Right Now

It should go without saying that Harvard’s assessment that “America is failing Black mothers” applies…

Janice Gassam Asare
10 must-read articles by Dr. Janice Gassam-Asare to get up to speed on the importance of DEI in America

Editor’s Note: Bookmark this page. These articles are must-reads.   Dr. Janice Gassam Asare is…

Culture Hub Research: Black People Aren’t Buying It – A Closer Look At Black Consumers

In a timely attempt to understand whether Black consumers are feeling the love from the…

Black Paper Volume 2: We Must Prioritize Black Womxn
The year is 2021. The month is April. The day? Well, we’ve all lost track.…
Michelle Cadore: From Glass Ceiling to Creative Entrepreneur
Michelle Cadore: From Glass Ceiling to Creative Entrepreneur

Brooklyn-native creative and serial entrepreneur Michelle Cadore is the mind behind the YES I AM brand highlighted by Jennifer Hudson in partnership with Mastercard to uplift Black women business owners. In this interview style article, Cadore shares how being overlooked for a promotion helped her leave her once promising career to pursue entrepreneurship.

These 7 Social Media Feeds Decolonize Your Mind

According to the Oxford Dictionary, colonization is defined as “the action or process of settling…