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Who Gets to Bring Their Whole Self to Work?
Who Gets to Bring Their Whole Self to Work?

Elite companies always ask their employees to “bring their authentic selves to work.” But such a request is detached as all authenticity is not rewarded in the workplace as companies have long been known to enforce dress codes that discriminate against Black people, Muslims, and differently-abled bodies. Non-binary workers are no different.

Trans Visibility and Commercialization: A Paradox

Representation is one of those tricky things where there’s hardly any middle ground. Even with all of the checks and balances in place, there are victories and there are missteps. But like all things in life, visibility can be layered and complicated.

Understanding The Consumer: A Case For Cultural And Generational Nuance
Written By Jennifer Caroccio How can marketers and researchers fully engage the ever-growing US Latinx…
Language-Less & Latina

Written By Kai Deveraux Lawson Growing up, I was exposed to all of the elements…

Bold Voices On Colorism

Four industry leaders give their thoughts on colorism.

8 Latinx Leaders Building Community

Community building is one of the most important parts of any movement particularly one that deals with institutional change, such as increasing the number of Latinx individuals in the communication and tech industries, and creating environments where they feel supported and are apt for growth.

Daily Life and Strife Throughout Latin America

The author of this piece asked us to publish this anonymously. Though they are a…

How to Fix the Latinx Diversity Problem in Tech and Advertising

The disparity between Latinos/as and African Americans versus white and asians is painfully evident in the tech sector. Facebook’s third diversity report reveals that Latinx and African Americans still make up a tiny fraction of the company’s workforce yet they made up 16 and 12 percent of the workforce in 2014.

The Benefits of Networking Properly with the Latinx Community

Networking accounts for as much as 85 percent of currently held jobs, but for too many young Latinxs, it’s not providing the same benefits and opportunities.

How To Attract Latinx Talent
Written By Andrea Guendelman Between 1980 and 2012, the population of Latino millennials age 15–34…