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black-owned children's focused brands

10 Black owned children’s-focused brands to buy from this holiday season

Buy Black is more than a shopping list, it’s a movement. Since Maggie Anderson’s 2009 book about trying to buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses in the Chicago area, the movement has grown…

what black moms want

Three Things Black Moms Want Right Now

It should go without saying that Harvard’s assessment that “America is failing Black mothers” applies to more than just the health care system. Maternal and child health is just the tip of…
Ajah Hales Headshot

When Black Womxn Leave, Money Follows

It all started with Michaela Coel turning down a million dollar Netflix deal. The British born Black actress chose mental health and creative control over money. “It wasn’t just a check, I…

Why Intersectionality Is A Key Aspect Of Black Representation?

Why Intersectionality Is A Key Aspect Of Black Representation

The fight for proper and adequate representation of Black people in the media is one that has long existed.  When considering the fact that Black people were once portrayed by means of…

Black Experiences Can’t Be Commodified

There is a saying that one of the few good things about capitalism is the liberty it gives people to create and generate prosperity. However, said products and creativity are often contingent…