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The Problem With the “Racially Ambiguous” Aesthetic

The Problem With the “Racially Ambiguous” Aesthetic

By Omar Taleb   At nearly 20 million Instagram followers, FashionNova arguably has as strong of a reach as the thousands of influencers they partner with to peddle their brand of sexy-casual…

Across the Generations: How Black Audiences Are Consuming Media Today

By Kayla Johnson   American media consumption is at an all-time high and Black influence on popular culture is undeniable. The influx in Black content creators, entertainers, and entrepreneurs is a result…

Building Inclusion & Trust: How Black Consumers Advance Advertising And Culture

By Cory Utsey   Black Americans are the most prominent trendsetters and consumers of this age. Whether through fashion, music, lingo, or dancing, Black people serve as a powerful force in determining…

From Culture to Commerce: How Black Twitter Sparked a Billion Dollars for the QSR Market

A chicken sandwich from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen took the country by storm during the summer of 2019 and is arguably one of the greatest examples of how culture can affect commerce in a big way. That being said, how did it become so popular?

The Cost of Failing at Diversity & Inclusion: Disengaged Workers Are Contributing to $400-$500 Billion In Lost Revenue

Here’s the truth–everyone nods and agrees on how important it is to address the lack of diversity and inclusion, but ultimately nothing changes. It’s a seemingly hard, complicated discussion that has become…