Rudy Ramirez
Embracing the Liminal: Exploring the Intersection of Latinx and Trans Identities

Individuals that experience multiply marginalization require intersectionality-minded support, both in and out of the workplace. The Latinx umbrella is not monolithic, similar to how the trans/non-binary umbrella is not monolithic. Naming the binary systems to which we adhere historically as a means to value and uplift the space found between and outside.

mental health and wellness influencers
7 Influencers Making A Difference on Mental Health Stigma and Suicide Prevention

While stats around suicide in diverse communities are definitely sobering, we wanted to shed some light on some mental health influencers and accounts who are working hard to make a difference on mental health stigma and suicide prevention. Together, we can all help each other feel supported, loved and valued.  

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DaBaby’s recent unprompted homophobic comments at a recent performance are not just ignorant but downright…

How Women in Rap are Dominating by Leveraging Digital Communities
Women entered the rap industry in droves over the last few years, challenging the patriarchal…
What Happened To TV’s Gay Best Friends?

Talking about the depiction of gay characters, specifically gay men, in Hollywood almost always leads…

back tragedy and trauma in media
Opinion: In times of racial trauma, Black death shouldn’t be commodified

Star Trek Deep Space 9 has been one of my favorite series for years because…

Taesirat Yusuf
Black Women Creatives: In Conversation with Photographer Taesirat Yusuf

  If a photo is really worth a thousand words like the saying goes, then…

LGBTQ+ Influencer List
Authentic representation of the LGBTQ+ community has progressed tremendously over the last decade. Some of…
LGBTQ+ Culture
LGBTQ+ Culture Hits Mainstream but Community Faces Continued Stigma, Harm, and Erasure

America has become more familiar with the LGBTQIA+ community over the last twenty years, largely…

What Brands Can Learn From Telfar’s Success

Throughout last year’s apocalyptic pandemic, Black creatives persevered while the rest of the fashion world…