Rest Is Not A Dirty Word – Burning Out While Pursuing My Immigrant Parents’ American Dream for Me
Burning out while pursuing my Pakistani, immigrant parents’ American dream for me   By Sahrish…
Celebrate These Latina-Owned Businesses In the Beauty, Skin and Haircare World
Colorism and racist beauty standards are unsurprisingly a common conversation these days, as there is…
Luisana Rodriguez
Personal Insights: Coming of Age as Thick-haired in Latin America

By Luisana Rodriguez   2010, age 9, was the first time I was urged to…

Rudy Ramirez
Embracing the Liminal: Exploring the Intersection of Latinx and Trans Identities

Individuals that experience multiply marginalization require intersectionality-minded support, both in and out of the workplace. The Latinx umbrella is not monolithic, similar to how the trans/non-binary umbrella is not monolithic. Naming the binary systems to which we adhere historically as a means to value and uplift the space found between and outside.

mental health and wellness influencers
7 Influencers Making A Difference on Mental Health Stigma and Suicide Prevention

While stats around suicide in diverse communities are definitely sobering, we wanted to shed some light on some mental health influencers and accounts who are working hard to make a difference on mental health stigma and suicide prevention. Together, we can all help each other feel supported, loved and valued.  

What Brands Can Learn From Telfar’s Success

What Telfar has done to build a solid core following is something brands across all industries can dissect and learn from when they’re trying to create strong and ethical strategies to tap into multicultural markets, especially through social channels and influencer campaigns.

Hawai’ian Language: A Case Study in Native and Asian Intersectionality in the U.S.
Hawai’ian Language: A Case Study in Native and Asian Intersectionality in the U.S.

For every community, identity is very closely tied to language. This is especially true for…

10 Black Women In Academics To Watch In 2021
10 Black Women Academics to Watch in 2021
This year has facilitated heightened exposure for Black women academics into the upper echelons of…
The Problem with Lil Mama's "Heterosexual Rights Movement"
What’s Wrong with Lil Mama’s “Heterosexual Rights Movement”

By DoctorJonPaul   It’s always interesting how celebrities are first to turn on the people…

This Woman Is Using Literacy Programs to Fight Racism
This Woman Is Using Literacy Programs to Fight Racism (And Also Queering Weddings)

Like all of us, L.S. Quinn has had to show a lot of flexibility during…