Personal Insights: Who is M. Tony Peralta? And the Demand for Afro-Latinx Representation in the Visual Arts

M. Tony Peralta has created a lifestyle brand around Latinx pop art and quotidian urban culture. His visibility has grown with greater acceptance of Afro-Latinx representation in mainstream imagery. Born in Washington Heights/Inwood, Peralta launched the Peralta Project, a mixed-media series of art and design works that includes apparel, posters, and homeware.

How Social Media Is Being Used to Create Accessibility for Deaf People

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Hispanic vs Latin vs latine
Latinx, Hispanic Or Latine: It’s not the label that matters

  By Yesica Balderrama Hispanic Heritage Month began in 1968 under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s…

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On the Continued Importance of National Coming Out Day

By Lindsey Danis For National Coming Out Day, Bold Culture interviewed several people about the…

How Latina Women in Horror Movies are Reclaiming Their Power

By Andrea Gomez  In mainstream media, Latinx women are seen as disposable, passive, and two-dimensional.…

10 Latinx Podcasts You Should Know About

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Luisana Rodriguez
Personal Insights: Coming of Age as Thick-haired in Latin America

By Luisana Rodriguez   2010, age 9, was the first time I was urged to…

Dismantling Machismo in Entertainment Through the Generations

  Growing up in a Mexican-American family, I learned what passion looked and sounded like…

Rudy Ramirez
Embracing the Liminal: Exploring the Intersection of Latinx and Trans Identities

Individuals that experience multiply marginalization require intersectionality-minded support, both in and out of the workplace. The Latinx umbrella is not monolithic, similar to how the trans/non-binary umbrella is not monolithic. Naming the binary systems to which we adhere historically as a means to value and uplift the space found between and outside.

mental health and wellness influencers
7 Influencers Making A Difference on Mental Health Stigma and Suicide Prevention

While stats around suicide in diverse communities are definitely sobering, we wanted to shed some light on some mental health influencers and accounts who are working hard to make a difference on mental health stigma and suicide prevention. Together, we can all help each other feel supported, loved and valued.