Modern Black History in Digital Age
Modern Black History in the Digital Age

By Khariff Tyson   The first two decades of the 2000s were rich with events…

When Clubhouse is Not a Home for LGBTQ+ People
When Clubhouse is Not a Home for LGBTQ+ People

By Jon Higgins, Ed.D. (DoctorJonPaul)    There are a lot of things to hate about…

Five People Innovating in Virtual Learning

By: Corinne Dorsey   Due to COVID-19, virtual learning has extended into another academic year…

How TikTok Has Revolutionized Media Distribution and How It Can Prioritize Multicultural Creators

By Cory Utsey   Though social media has completely reshaped the way global media and…

Creative Ways People Have Stayed Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed how we connect with our communities. We’ve gone from local bars and restaurants to video conferences as spaces of connectivity. Bold Culture has compiled a list of innovative ways people have stayed connected during the pandemic.

Misinformation on Current Events: How to Spot it and What to Do About It

Misinformation in today’s world is rampant, causing people from all walks of life to draw conclusions about public health, elected officials, and social movements from fabricated sources. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are perfect storms for clickbait, allowing inaccurate articles with exaggerated headlines to spread like wildfire.

Personal Insights: Quibi: Is it worth your investment?

You have just enough time to watch one show before you need to move on and do something productive around the house. Instead of spending 30 minutes deciding what you will watch and then binge-watching a series that takes much more time than you allocated – there’s another option, Quibi.