How to Hire Diverse Managers

An interview with Raychel McBride sheds light on how companies can implement hiring practices that attract the best talent

Hiring Beyond Diversity: How to Be Inclusive During the Hiring Process

In recent years, businesses have worked to unpack the word “value” and what it means in a company’s culture on a grander scale, specifically when it comes to effective hiring practices. With 57% of recruiters noting that it is important to have strategies that attract diverse candidates, the struggle for said candidates to thrive at a company is still a greater issue.

What Do Companies Really Mean When They Say, ‘We Value Diversity’?

Let’s face it, the American workforce and economy have a systemic racial inclusivity problem. When companies go out of their way to promote their core values and emphasize the importance of diversity, what exactly do they mean?

Equius’ Erica Merritt On Companies Uncovering Hard Truths to Build Better Workplaces

Meet elephant tamer and entrepreneur Erica Merritt, the creative genius behind Equius Consulting Group. Equius uses organizational assessments, planning, design, facilitation, coaching, and training to teach companies to do the difficult ‘head and heart work’ of reforming their organizational culture.

Black Women in Advertising Share the Keys to Success

In this new age of social media marketing where tech rules supreme, the world of advertising has been transformed. The world of Don Draper’s Mad Men, couldn’t be further from advertising today. Not only is everyone working from behind a screen, but Black women have risen to the top of this field, innovating in a space where women of color are traditionally underrepresented.

What the ‘Rainbow Wave’ Means for Brands Everywhere

Companies have increasingly recognized the importance of the LGBTQ+ consumer base by marketing and advertising their products to this still-emerging demographic.

Who Gets to Bring Their Whole Self to Work?

Elite companies always ask their employees to “bring their authentic selves to work.” But such a request is detached as all authenticity is not rewarded in the workplace as companies have long been known to enforce dress codes that discriminate against Black people, Muslims, and differently-abled bodies. Non-binary workers are no different.

How to Be A Great Ally

In an effort to protect and support the LGBTQ+ community, there are two types of people: those who are aware of the injustice the community faces (an ally) and those who do something about it (an accomplice).

How to Fix the Latinx Diversity Problem in Tech and Advertising

The disparity between Latinos/as and African Americans versus white and asians is painfully evident in the tech sector. Facebook’s third diversity report reveals that Latinx and African Americans still make up a tiny fraction of the company’s workforce yet they made up 16 and 12 percent of the workforce in 2014.

The Benefits of Networking Properly with the Latinx Community

Networking accounts for as much as 85 percent of currently held jobs, but for too many young Latinxs, it’s not providing the same benefits and opportunities.