How to Ensure ‘Psychological Safety’ Around Race and Gender in the Workplace
How to Ensure ‘Psychological Safety’ Around Race and Gender in the Workplace

By Shahla Khan   Google, Inc. is this century’s most profitable business organization (their asset…

But Really, Where Are All the Black People?
But Really, Where Are All the Black People?

Why agencies struggle with recruiting and retaining Black talent   By Joshua McCoy   Many…

Multicultural Marketing: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and How to do It Well

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1920 vs 2020: What Has Changed and What Has Remained and What These Six Women Are Doing About It

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Personal Insights: Why Isn’t Disability A Bigger Part of the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation?

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The Significance of Intersectional Marketing When Targeting Afro-Latinx Consumers

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Personal Insights: How To Talk With Your Black Employees About Racial Tensions

This summer has sent people scrambling towards Black employees, and not in a good way. In a piece on Medium titled, My Ex-Bosses Are Scrambling to Not Get Canceled, the writer chronicles how former co-workers and bosses rushed into his texts and DMs to offer apologies for past transgressions, hoping to not get publicly outed for their past behaviors.

How to Hire Diverse Managers

An interview with Raychel McBride sheds light on how companies can implement hiring practices that attract the best talent

Hiring Beyond Diversity: How to Be Inclusive During the Hiring Process

In recent years, businesses have worked to unpack the word “value” and what it means in a company’s culture on a grander scale, specifically when it comes to effective hiring practices. With 57% of recruiters noting that it is important to have strategies that attract diverse candidates, the struggle for said candidates to thrive at a company is still a greater issue.

What Do Companies Really Mean When They Say, ‘We Value Diversity’?

Let’s face it, the American workforce and economy have a systemic racial inclusivity problem. When companies go out of their way to promote their core values and emphasize the importance of diversity, what exactly do they mean?