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companies that support the LGBTQ community

6 Companies That Support the LGBTQIA+ Community All Year

As Pride Month comes to an end, many “ally” companies will be returning to their regularly scheduled heteronormative content. The rainbows will be removed from their avis, the Pride discount codes will…

understanding the lgbtq consumer market

10 LGBTQ+ Stats You Probably Didn’t Know About

In an era where diversity and inclusion are more important than ever in attracting consumers, brands are learning they have to do the work toward being better long-term allies, especially if they…
What the ‘Rainbow Wave’ Means for Brands Everywhere

What the ‘Rainbow Wave’ Means for Brands Everywhere

Companies have increasingly recognized the importance of the LGBTQ+ consumer base by marketing and advertising their products to this still-emerging demographic.

The Cost of Failing at Diversity & Inclusion: Disengaged Workers Are Contributing to $400-$500 Billion In Lost Revenue

Here’s the truth–everyone nods and agrees on how important it is to address the lack of diversity and inclusion, but ultimately nothing changes. It’s a seemingly hard, complicated discussion that has become…